Frequent question: Is cette feminine in French?

Masculine in front of a vowel: cet. Feminine: cette.

What is the difference between CE and cette in French?

Demonstrative adjectives

In the masculine singular, ce is the normal form, cet is used before a (phonetic) vowel. In the feminine singular, the demonstrative adjective is cette. In the plural, the only form is ces.

How do you use cette?

The forms are ce and cette in the singular, and ces in the plural. cet is used with masculine singular nouns beginning with a vowel and most words beginning with h. You can add -ci on the end of the noun for things that are closer, or -là for things that are further away, to emphasize the difference between them.

Is it cette ecole or CET Ecole?

Why it is not “cet école”? Because you école start with a vowel. The noun école is feminine (une école). That’s why it requires the feminine version of the demonstrative pronoun: cette école.

Does CE mean they in French?

“Ce” (often “c’ “) is used as a third person neutral or impersonal subject pronoun before the verb être, and in this respect it normally corresponds to “it”. When used before the third person plural of être, it either corresponds to”it” or to “they”.

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What is sont French?

Basically, sont is meaning “are”, like êtes, but the difference is in the pronoun. Sont will translate as “[they] are”, as the pronoun for “they” in French is ils/elles. Sont can only be used with ils or elles (think basically of a plural “he/she”: that’s the French “they”, which is not gender-neutral).

Is cette an article?

As a general rule, if you have a noun in French, there is virtually always an article in front of it, unless you use some other type of determiner such as a possessive adjective (mon, ton, etc.) or a demonstrative adjective (ce, cette, etc). The French language has three different kinds of articles: Definite articles.

Is Cafe masculine or feminine?

The word café is a masculine noun. Be sure to use masculine articles and adjectives with it.

Is Bureau masculine or feminine?

‘un bureau’ is a masculine noun in French. Is bureau in french a masculine or a feminine word. In the French language, everything has a gender.

Is voiture masculine or feminine?

Others are always feminine, like une voiture (a car), une maison (a house), and une école (a school). And some words are the tricksters of the bunch, taking on different meanings with different genders, like livre, which is a book when masculine but a pound when feminine!

Is robe masculine or feminine?

7 – French Nouns Ending Be, Té, Ade, are Feminine

Be, as in une robe (a dress), une aube (dusk)… Many exceptions including un cube, un microbe, un verbe…

Is Arbre masculine or feminine?

arbre is a French word which has a meaning of tree in English language. In French language, the nouns which ends with -e can be either feminine or masculine. Thus, words like arbre, couple, livre, gorille, etc are masculine.

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