Frequent question: How does the bac work in France?

The French Baccalauréat is based solely on the final grade average – weighted by the coefficients. … If the general grade average is then recalculated to be 10/20 or greater, the student will be awarded the Baccalauréat diploma.

What is a good score in the French baccalaureate?

In addition, students who pass each stage of the Baccalauréat examinations first time are eligible for the honours grades. These are awarded on the basis of the average point score achieved. Tres bien (very good) = average of 16 or more points. Bien (good) = average of 14 points or more but fewer than 16.

How many people pass the bac in France?

The French Baccalauréat is a high level national diploma, which is currently obtained by approximately 39% of an age group in France, and it marks the completion of schooling characterized by the acquisition of a good general culture and real critical thinking, therefore, this certification and the schooling that …

How many subjects are in French bac?

The new bac général includes six obligatory core subjects: French, history-geography, two foreign languages, sport, and a new subject called humanités scientifiques and numériques, which basically covers science and technology.

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How important is the bac in France?

It marks the successful conclusion of secondary studies and it is the required qualification in France for students wishing to carry on their studies in Higher Education.

What is mention tres bien?

16–20: Mention très bien: TB.

Is 14 a good grade in France?

A score 20 signifies perfection and is virtually never given. Scores of 19 and 18 are rarely given. Depending on the subject, a 16 could be an excellent grade.

Main Disciplines.

Grades Description Comments
14-16 Good The level of the performance exceeds the expected level but there are some mistakes

What happens if you fail the French bac?

Passing the exam assures entrance to almost any university. But unless followed up by a degree or specialized diploma, the bac does not assure any job. Still, failure leaves a stigma for life, a second-class citizenship socially as well as educationally.

Does bac only have oral exams?

The bac has only oral exams. The highest possible grade on the bac is 20/20. Students decide which bac they will take at the beginning of terminale. Most students take the bac technique.

What percent of French students take the bac?

This graph presents the percentage of high school graduates in France in 2017, broken down by type of diploma. The statistic reveals that in 2017, the exams of the high school graduation resulted in a share of 41.1 percent of students in the generation obtaining a general baccalaureate.

How long is le bac?

The main and important subjects of this stream are Economics & Social Sciences , History & Geography and Mathematics. Exams at the end of première. French is replaced by Philosophy in terminale. The exam is 5-hours long for students in this specialization.

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Can you retake the BAC in France?

There are a number of choices including retakes (redoublement) at the lycée that they were previously studying at; this can only be done during the school year immediately after failing the bac and is referred to as “Le redoublement dans l’établissement d’origine”.

How long has the BAC been given?

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