Frequent question: How do you say secret in French?

What is secret called in French?

mystère; secret; caractère secret. clandestin; voilé; déguisé; en cachette; caché; secret; clandestinement; estompé; fleuri; couvert; inaperçu.

Is Secret masculine or feminine in French?


masculin féminin
secret secrets secrète secrètes
plus secret plus secrets moins secret moins secrets plus secrète plus secrètes moins secrète moins secrètes

What is top secret in French?

[mission, information] top secret/ète.

How do you say Girl in French slang?

Meuf. Our first example is meuf, which was originally femme. And, as with the word femme, this term can be used to refer to a female, or your girlfriend, although it can have pejorative connotations.

What is himitsu?

Himitsu (Japanese: 秘密 , secret), also known as Naoko, is a 1998 novel by Keigo Higashino.

How do you say hidden in other languages?

In other languages hidden

  1. American English: hidden /ˈhɪdən/
  2. Arabic: مَخْفِيّ
  3. Brazilian Portuguese: escondido.
  4. Chinese: 隐藏的
  5. Croatian: sakriven.
  6. Czech: skrytý
  7. Danish: skjult.
  8. Dutch: verborgen.

What do the French call cigarettes?

Clope is French slang for ‘cigarette’. Like the English ‘smoke a cig’, les français fument une clope. French people love to smoke.

How do you say cool in French slang?

Frais/fraîche. This is used exactly the same was as it is in English. Literally, frais means ‘fresh’ and will be used to describe food, but the younger generation also uses it to describe things that they deem ‘cool’.

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How do you say Beautiful Girl in French?

beautiful girl n

joli brin de fille nm.