Do you get points on your license for speeding in France?

In France, Spain, Italy and Germany, there is currently no system in place to implement points on a UK licence when found to be speeding. Also, if you receive a fine in any of these countries, you can choose to appeal the speeding ticket.

How many points do you have on a French driving Licence?

The French driver’s licence is based on a point system starting with 12 points. New drivers, however, only have six points. If they don’t commit a traffic violation, they get two more points every year and will reach 12 points after three years. If you commit a traffic violation you may lose points.

Can French speeding fines be enforced in UK after Brexit?

Speeding tickets and other fines for motoring offenses issued to British drivers in the EU — and vice versa — can no longer be enforced after the end of the Brexit transition period, French officials told the Times on Wednesday.

How long do the French have to issue a speeding fine?

Official french websites always end up in (for gouvernement). And remember that you should pay your ticket no later than 45 days after it has been sent. After that time you’ll have to pay a “pénalité”, an additional charge for being late !

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How many points is a speeding ticket in France?

Minor Offences – 4th Class

Driving Offence Fine Penalty Points
Speeding Offences
Breaking speed limit by between 40 and 50 km/h €135 (1) 4
Breaking speed limit by between 30 and 40 km/h €135 (1) 3
Breaking speed limit by between 20 and 30 km/h €135 (1) 2

How do I pay a French speeding fine?

The easiest way to pay your speeding fine is online at the address given (, and you can pay the fine by credit or debit card. The website is available in English and is easy to follow. Alternatively, you can send a cheque using the attached payment form.

Are EU speeding fines enforceable in UK?

British drivers caught speeding by speed cameras in the European Union will no longer face an automatic fine when they get home, now that the UK is no longer a member state.

What happens if you get a speeding fine abroad?

If you get a ticket, you usually have 60 days to pay or appeal. Fines can be doubled if they are ignored, and the authority that fined you may use a debt collection agency local to you to recoup the money.

Can UK drivers be fined for speeding in France?

Can British drivers still be issued roadside fines in the EU? British drivers who are stopped by police in the EU for speeding can still be issued with fines on the spot. Furthermore, in countries including France, police can seize cars caught going more than 31mph above the speed limit.

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Do French speed cameras catch UK drivers?

British drivers caught by French police rather than automated speed cameras could still be issued with on-the-spot fines, however, while UK cops can require similar roadside deposits for drivers without a ‘satisfactory UK address’.

Do French speed cameras flash?

A new report claims speed limit tolerances in France are much tighter than in the UK. Over here, 10 percent plus 2 mph is generally the permitted maximum before you see a flash in your rear-view mirror.

What happens if speed camera flashes in France?

So if you drive in France with your UK registered car, and see a flash while passing by an automatic radar, you won’t be fined. The fine will never get home.