Do I need to speak French to join the Foreign Legion?

1. Q: Do I need to speak French to join the French Foreign Legion? A: No. In fact, the vast majority of candidates do not speak French.

Can you join the French Foreign Legion if you don’t speak French?

What’s really interesting about the FFL (French Foreign Legion) however, is that despite amazingly tough physical and mental requirements, one cannot join unless one learns to speak French, fast, very fast. New recruits are given about 4 months to learn – operational – French. Whoever can’t do it, is asked to leave.

Do you have to learn French in the French Foreign Legion?

Speaking French is not a requirement to join the French Foreign Legion. How does the Legion accommodate for this? – Quora. The Legion Etrangere believes very strongly in the “total immersion” method of language training.

Does the French Foreign Legion accept anyone?

The Legion used to accept anyone — criminals and misfits especially — with no questions, but now there is a thorough screening process. … Men with criminal records, shady business dealings, or deserters from their home country’s armies were accepted into the ranks, with no questions asked.

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How does one join the French Foreign Legion?

The only way a recruit can join the Legion is to turn up in mainland France and knock on the door of one of the numerous Foreign Legion recruiting centres. Once through the centre door, recruits are given free food, accommodation, and clothing. Recruitment centres are open 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

What happens if you desert the French Foreign Legion?

If caught you ll be subjected to 2000€ fee to up to 3 years in jail depending of the situation, and of course all those territories are going to be of limit for you for the test of your life!

Does the French Foreign Legion give you a new identity?

If accepted to join the legion, they take your passport away and give you a new name and identity. IF you complete 5 years honorable service in the legion, you are issued a new French passport in your new name (and you also become a French citizen by virtue of the passport).

Do you get a pension in the French Foreign Legion?

If you end up serving at least 15 years, you can retire with a pension. Yes. You can renew for another five year term if you wish. Some make the Foreign Legion their home and remain with them so long as they pass routine physicals.

Can you leave the French Foreign Legion?

yes. After selection to Rouge(accepted volunteers) you are signing pre-contrat for 4 months-Basic-which can be prolonged to one year by “authorité militaire ”. Before this you can leave anytime,just ask for it.

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