Do French university students live on campus?

Not every French university has on-campus housing, or even affiliated housing close to the academic buildings, which means that many students have to find housing elsewhere and commute to class. This is especially true in Paris, where limited space makes such a campus arrangement impractical.

Do French college students live in dorms?

Public student housing also called Cités U, are managed by the CROUS (Regional Centres of University and Academic Services), and subsidized by the French government. These are available for French students and international students alike. Learn more about how to apply for student housing in CROUS.

Do French college students live at home?

All undergraduate students must live with a host family during their first year of study. After their first year, they are able to find independent housing if they so choose.

Do French universities have campuses?

Most French universities are public. … Many universities have satellite campuses in other towns in their region, though the principal faculties or UFR tend to be located on the main campus.

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How can a student live in France?

The main housing options for students in France are:

  1. Student halls of residence – on average, 200 EUR/month. …
  2. Rent/share an apartment – between 400 and 700 EUR/month (800 EUR/month in Paris), while in smaller French cities you can rent a small apartment for about 300 EUR/month.

Is University in France hard?

And, as I was discovering, the French grading scale is inherently more rigorous than the American model because of the different nature of higher education. … French students don’t apply to college.

Where do French uni students live?

The international student residence of Paris

Located in the 14e arrondissement of Paris, the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris (CIUP) is a sprawling collection of university residences that house nearly 6,000 students, scholars, scientists, artists, and athletes from all over the world.

What do French students do in their free time?

It was found that listening to music was the most practiced leisure activity with a penetration rate of 85 percent of respondents, followed very closely by 81 percent of respondents who stated that they go out with friends in their free time with. …

Do universities in Paris have dorms?

University residences

The Crous of Paris offers more than 6 750 dormitory rooms in more than 70 residences. Several types of fully-equipped and furnished apartments are available, from single rooms to six‑room shared flats.

Do French students work?

In France, foreign students are also permitted to work at their host institution or university. These student jobs generally last twelve months, from September 1st to August 31st. Welcoming students at the start of the school year, tutoring, cultural or sporting events, support for students with disabilities, etc.

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Is university free in France for foreigners?

Study in France for free (or at low cost)

France may not be quite as widely known as Germany for affordable higher education, but international students may be surprised to hear they can also study in France for free (or, at a very low cost), regardless of their nationality.

Do most French students go to university?

Most French students choose not to attend university. More French students study business than engineering. Some students are studying for a teaching degree. They have programs in French for non-francophones to learn the language.

Do most French people go to college?

Nearly half of French students give up in their first year of college.

Is living in France expensive?

Cost of Living. The average cost of living in France is quite high and depends on a few different factors such as where you live in the country. Paris is consistently ranked as one of the most expensive cities in the world (usually second to Singapore). … Main urban cities inevitably cost more to live in than rural areas …

Is studying in France expensive?

Student life in France doesn’t have to be expensive. Even in cities like Bordeaux, Lyon or Toulouse you can get by with 850 to 1,000 euros per month, including accommodation. That is still moderate for European levels. In some smaller towns you might spend even less.

Is Paris expensive for students?

To live correctly without any help, you will need approximately 1 100€ in Paris, but it can be much more depending on where you live (in the center or in the suburbs) and on your lifestyle.


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Expense Estimated cost
Public transport Yearly pass for a student 333.90€ Taxi 1 hour 40€ Gasoline 1L 1.55€