Can you use Google Maps in France?

Google maps works pretty well in France, I’d say as well as it does in the US. You either need a data plan or to download offline maps (or both). Offline maps will only give driving directions I think, not walking or public transport. I’ve also used my Garmin Nuvi GPS with European maps, and that works well too.

How do I put Google Maps in French?

Google Maps automatically shows place names in a country’s local languages, but on your computer, you can change your map language.

  1. On your computer, open Google Maps.
  2. In the top left, click Menu .
  3. Choose Language.
  4. Select a language. …
  5. Optional: Learn how to change your language for all Google products.

What countries does Google Maps not work in?

Here is the complete list of countries that are not highlighted on Google Maps, according to an analysis by Quartz:

  • Albania.
  • Bhutan.
  • China.
  • Cyprus.
  • North Korea.
  • Egypt.
  • Georgia.
  • India.
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Is Google Maps available in Europe?

An Internet connection is necessary to download the maps, but once that’s done, they are accessible anywhere. Google Maps, which come on Android phones, can also save several maps for use offline. … The free Metro app is a handy route-planner for public transit in dozens of European cities, but does not have maps.

Does Google Maps show speed cameras in France?

If you use Google maps to navigate, Google has advised that its camera detection feature turns off when you connect to data or WiFi in France. If in doubt, follow our guidelines for driving with a mobile by switching it off and popping it in the glove box.

Why is Google Maps in a different language?

Unfortunately, Google Maps doesn’t have Language controls built into the app. It cues off of the settings in Settings. app > General > International. The only way to have Google Maps speak a different language is to change the actual settings in Settings.

Can Google Maps speak directions?

You can get Google Maps to talk to you by enabling talk navigation to receive spoken directions and cues that will help you find your destination. You might need to enable or adjust the voice feature’s volume to ensure that you can hear its directions.

How do I show country borders on Google Maps?

Google Maps has added a feature where it will highlight in a pink color the borders of a city, postal code or other borders based on your search. To see it yourself, go to Google Maps and search for a city name or even a zip code. You will see a pinkish highlight around the border.

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Which country has no street view?

Many places still have limited or no coverage, including: The Caribbean – except Barbados, Puerto Rico, partial coverage in the United States Virgin Islands, Dominican Republic and Martinique.

What countries does Google Maps work in?


Region Code Country/Region Map Tiles
AZ Azerbaijan
BS Bahamas
BH Bahrain
BD Bangladesh

Can you use Google maps internationally?

Using data overseas on many plans costs a fortune. But if you plan ahead, you can get them for free. When you’re on a Wi-Fi connection you should download the Google maps for wherever you’re headed. Once they’re on your phone or device, you can now access them offline, using no data at all.

Does Apple Maps work in France?

Google and Apple maps work just fine in France for driving navigation. The thing to be aware of is that they have to download the maps, they aren’t stored on the phone to start with. They work best if you have a cellular data signal and can download the maps as you go.

Does Google maps work abroad?

When you download Google maps, you can navigate without using roaming data. We all take our phones on holiday, but most of us have to pay for mobile data abroad. … But the good news is that you can download Google maps and use them to navigate with no Wi-Fi or 3G / 4G connection.

Is it illegal to use a sat nav in France?

Using a sat nav while driving in France is completely legal but there are a number of instances where you could land into trouble. France law dictates that motorists must not use sat navs which can actively deter speeding cameras.

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Do French speed cameras catch UK drivers?

British drivers caught by French police rather than automated speed cameras could still be issued with on-the-spot fines, however, while UK cops can require similar roadside deposits for drivers without a ‘satisfactory UK address’.

Is Waze illegal in France?

In general, using Waze in Europe is the same as using the app in America. … In several European countries like France and Germany, it’s illegal for map and navigation apps to inform you of speed trap cameras, and apps like Waze can be outright banned for these features.