Can you picnic in Versailles gardens?

Can you have a picnic in the Versailles gardens?

Picnic Park and Gardens

Enjoy a lunch break in the park with an outdoor picnic. … Picnics are allowed in the park and notably on the Saint Anthony Plain, between the Palace and the Trianon palaces, where ball games are also permitted.

Can you bring food into Versailles?

Travel tips for Versailles

The key is bringing your own food and drinks. That said, you cannot bring them into the palace itself.

Can you spend the night at Versailles?

You Can Now Spend the Night Inside the Palace Versailles For a Kingly $2,000 a Night. The historic site is now a hotel. Photo courtesy of Airelles Château de Versailles, Le Grand Contrôle. … If you’re staying at the hotel, you can also wander through the 2,000-acre Orangery Gardens at any time of day.

Are you allowed inside the palace of Versailles?

The Palace and Estate of Versailles are open. In compliance with the current government advice, health precautions and measures to control visitor numbers are put in place.

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Can you smoke in Versailles gardens?

Versailles and Trianon Museum

Not permitted inside : metal-framed prams and buggies (apart from the Stables). … Visitors are also asked to refrain from smoking in the museum areas, touching works and crossing barriers of visit.

Is there a dress code for Versailles?

Visitors must dress appropriately, and not in a manner liable to represent a disturbance of public order. It is expressly forbidden to remove shoes and shirts within the museum.

Is Palace of Versailles worth visiting?

Is the Palace of Versailles worth visiting? Definitely! While it will require some planning, it is definitely worth a visit. You’ll learn a lot about French history and see one of the most incredible buildings in the world.

How many kings lived in Versailles?

Up to 3,000 princes, courtesans, ministers, and servants lived there at any given time. Palace inhabitants coveted spaces nearest the king’s apartments, as this proximity offered status.

Can you take pictures in the palace of Versailles?

In the gardens you’re free to take pictures as you like, but inside you’re not allowed to use flash, and in some rooms photography is forbidden entirely. If you’re not sure about the restrictions, ask a tour guide or staff. Our last tip is to visit the Palace of Versailles early in the morning if you can.

What happened to the furniture at Versailles?

Sadly, very little of the original Versailles furniture survives. Most was taken to the Tuileries, in Paris, after the forced move of the royal family there in October of 1789, and was destroyed during the storming of that palace.

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Are Versailles gardens free?

The Gardens

The Park and Gardens are open every day. The access is free except during Musical Fountains Shows and Musical Gardens.

How long do you need to visit Versailles?

“Plan on two to three hours for the château, one hour for the gardens, and another two hours if you want to include the Domaine de Marie-Antoinette in your visit. Add two hours to cover your round-trip transit time, and it’s a five- to ten-hour day trip from Paris.”