Can Ashley Park really speak French?

So there you have it: Park isn’t fluent in French, but she certainly had years of practice through her middle school and high school language courses. Seeing how good (read: enchanting) she sounds when speaking French on the show, it’s hard to believe Park had been out of practice for years before filming.

Can Ashley Park speak French?

She’s fluent in probably five other languages. It’s like secondhand to her. So, when I would have lines in French, I would say them over and over again. I’m determined to become more fluent.

Who sings in Emily in Paris?

MTV Entertainment Studios and Netflix have dropped the first single from the Emily in Paris Season 2 Soundtrack—”Mon Soleil” performed by Tony nominee Ashley Park. Park stars alongside Lily Collins (the titular Emily) in the Darren Star rom-com series on Netflix.

Who is Mindy in Emily in Paris?

“There are things that are so similar about our experiences,” says Ashley Park, who co-stars as the title character’s charming best friend, Mindy Chen, “and things that aren’t.” Emily in Paris stars Ashley Park and Lily Collins during the filming of the series’s second season, which premieres December 22 on Netflix.

Is Ashley Park a singer?

Ashley Jini Park (born June 6, 1991) is an American actress, dancer, and singer who is best known for her portrayal of Mindy Chen on Netflix’s Emily in Paris and for originating the role of Gretchen Wieners in the 2018 Tony Award-nominated musical Mean Girls, the former of which garnered her a Critics’ Choice Award …

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Does Mindy really sing in Emily in Paris?

Park’s Netflix hit, Emily in Paris, returned for its second season on Wednesday. In the premiere episode, the 30-year-old’s character, Mindy Chen, performs a rendition of the K-pop band’s smash hit “Dynamite.” To Park’s surprise, RM tuned in and shared his reaction to the moment on his Instagram Story.

What else was Ashley Park in?


  • Known For. Emily in Paris Mindy Chen (2020-2021)
  • Tales of the City Ani Winter / Jennifer ‘Ani’ Winter / Jennifer Ani Winter (2019)
  • Mr. Malcolm’s List Actress (2022)
  • Untitled Adele Lim/Lionsgate Comedy Project Actress.
  • Actress. …
  • Self Center (2022)
  • Emily in Paris Mindy Chen (2020-2021)
  • Red Frontier (2021)