Best answer: What was the impact of France’s policy of assimilation?

The policy of assimilation undermined African culture as many adopted French culture. Senegal was incorporated into French Republic and regarded as an overseas province of France. Africans from Senegal were allowed to participate in the political affairs of France.

Was the French policy of assimilation successful?

It also made use of the ruler of the people, native police, prisons and other institutions. On the other hand, the French policy of assimilation was largely not successful because it tried to impose the French system, culture and general way of life on her colonies.

What is the French policy of assimilation?

The policy of assimilation was the official colonial policy of the French administration in West Africa. The system involved the imposition of French culture on the West African culture. It was meant to substitute the culture, language, religion, law, mode of dressing, etc.

Why was the French policy of assimilation changed to association?

The French policy of association in Africa was adopted to resolve the problems connected with the implementation of its assimilation policy. … In theory, the new policy was supposed to respect African culture and institutions. The association also was considered more cost-effective, and less prone to local resistance.

What is assimilation policy in history?

The assimilation policy was a policy of absorbing Aboriginal people into white society through the process of removing children from their families.

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Why did the policy of assimilation fail?

Assimilation policy failed in Senegal because; The policy was expensive, especially the costs of privileges it provided such as education. … French were unable to agree to destroy the French colonial empire, they began to agitate for abolition of the policy. The rise of African nationalism undermined the policy.

What policy replaced the policy of assimilation?

Policy of Association was adopted to replace assimilation.