Best answer: What does Sienna mean in French?

What is sienna in French?

French Translation. terre de sienne. More French words for sienna. la terre de sienne noun.

What does Sienna mean in Greek?

raw sienna. ακατέργαστη Σιένα See Also in Greek. χώμα noun. chó̱ma soil, earth, dirt, ground.

What does Sienna mean in German?

[sɪˈenə] (= earth) Sienaerde f; (= colour) Ockergelb nt.

What is sienna in Arabic?

‘iiqamatan mutawasila. More Arabic words for sienna. noun إقامة متواصلة

What does Sienna mean in Gaelic?

Gender: Girl. Meaning: Means ‘orange red’.

Is the name Sienna Italian?

From the Italian city of Siena, which gave its name to a reddish shade of brown. The name itself is possibly influenced by the word sienna, meaning “orange-red”.

What is a good nickname for Sienna?

Nicknames for Sienna

  • CiCi.
  • Nenna.
  • Sien.
  • SiSi.
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