Best answer: What does paddock mean in French?

What is Paddock French?

More French words for paddock. le paddock noun. paddock. les enclos noun. enclosure, pen, inclosure, run.

What does Murda mean in French?

[ˈmɜːʳdəʳ ] 1. (= crime) meurtre m. to commit murder commettre un meurtre.

What does the French word bayou mean?

Bayou. A bayou is a French English term for a body of water typically found in flat, low-lying area, and can refer either to an extremely slow-moving stream or river, or to a marshy lake or wetland.

What does the French word lame mean?

la·mé (lă-mā′) A shiny fabric woven with metallic threads, often of gold or silver. [French, spangled, laminated, lamé, from Old French lame, thin metal plate; see lame2.]

How do you say killer in different languages?

In other languages killer

  • Arabic: قاتِلٌ
  • Brazilian Portuguese: assassino.
  • Chinese: 凶手
  • Croatian: ubojica.
  • Czech: vrah.
  • Danish: morder.
  • Dutch: moordenaar.
  • European Spanish: asesino matar.

What does Murda mean in Italian?

murda {adj.} murderous.

What does Murda mean in Urdu?

मुर्दाمردہ dead, weak, decrepit.

What is biography in Tagalog?

The English word “biography” can be translated as the following word in Tagalog: Best translation for the English word biography in Tagalog: tálambuhay [noun] biography more…

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Are bayous only in Louisiana?

Bayous are most commonly found in the Gulf Coast region of the southern United States, in Louisiana, Arkansas, and Texas.

Does lame have an accent?

Especially when lamé is not spelled with an accent over the e, which would tip you off about how to say the final letter. … Lamé (pronounced “luh-MAY”) is a noun. It means a fabric word.

What is the synonym of lame?

limping, hobbling. incapacitated, debilitated, infirm, deformed, maimed, defective. informal gammy.