Best answer: How much cheese does the average French person eat?

The typical Frenchman (or woman) will eat a whopping 25.9 kilos of cheese each year. That’s enough to make the French the hungriest for cheese in the world, according to a 2013 report by International Dairy Federation. The figure is the equivalent of half a kilo a week or 70 grammes a day.

How many pounds of cheese do French people eat?

Statisticians say that French people consume up to 57 pounds of cheese per person per year.

What percentage of French eat cheese?

Due to its varied taste and the social dimension it provides, cheese is widely appreciated among French people. Indeed, over 95 percent have included this product in their regular diet, while almost 40 percent eat some daily.

How often do the French eat cheese?


In France, the traditional time to eat cheese during a meal is after the main dish and before dessert. Yes, it gets it’s own course, though you can eat it in lieu of dessert also if you wish. French people don’t eat cheese at every meal– it’s more common during dinner and weekend lunches.

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Which country eats most cheese per person?

The countries with the highest levels of cheese per capita consumption in 2019 were the Czech Republic (64 kg per person), Germany (37 kg per person) and France (25 kg per person).

Why do the French eat so much cheese?

Regular, early exposure to a wide variety of flavours, textures – not to mention some very funky smells – turns each generation of French children into adult connoisseurs. This is why French people love cheese so much.

How much cheese does the average person eat per year?

In 2020, the average consumer in the United States ate about 40.2 pounds of cheese.

Per capita consumption of cheese in the United States from 2000 to 2020 (in pounds)

Characteristic Per capita consumption in pounds
2019 40.4
2018 40
2017 39
2016 38.5

Why do the French eat cheese after meals?

When to Eat Cheese

An apéro is a casual social gathering where drinks and snacks are served. Cheese is eaten in moderation in France. It’s quality as opposed to quantity. Eating a little high quality cheese after your main meal will allow you to feel more satisfied, resulting in eating less cheese.

Is cheese cheap in France?

In 2019, the average price of cheese per kilogram amounted to 9.79 euros in France, slightly higher than the median price of cow’s milk cheese. Regarding mixed cheese, it’s average price amounted around 16.03 euros per kilogram.

Do the French eat cheddar?

The French were always nationalistic about their cheese, said White, reluctant to eat anything made beyond their borders. But they are now getting a taste for artisan cheddars – particularly West Country farmhouse cheddar, a protected product that by law has to be made by hand in south-west England.

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Why do the French eat cheese before dessert?

The French don’t like ending a meal with cheese, so they always follow it with dessert, which could even be just grapes.

Do French eat cheese for breakfast?

In most French home, you’d be offered some French bread product, with a choice of jams, honey and butter, and a hot beverage such as coffee or tea. … We don’t typically eat eggs, cold-cuts nor drink juices or eat fruits or cheese for breakfast in France.

What do the French typically eat for dinner?

A typical weeknight dinner in France may look like a small starter such as shredded carrots, radishes, charcuterie, or olive tapenade, a simple main dish (grilled chicken, steak or salmon, served with potatoes, pasta, or green beans), and a yogurt with a piece of fruit, and a cookie or piece of chocolate.