Best answer: Did Paris love Juliet give evidence to support your answer?

Did Paris love Juliet? (Give evidence to support your answer.) Paris did not know Juliet that well, but was excited to marry her. (Romeo comments that Juliet looks just as beautiful in death as she did in life, with roses in her cheeks and lips. He doesn’t realize that the “death” is just a potion that’s wearing off.

Do you think that Paris really loved Juliet give evidence for your opinion?

Later textual evidence does indicate that Paris harbors a legitimate love for Juliet, and though he arrogantly assumes Juliet will want to marry him, Paris never treats her unkindly. Nevertheless, because she does not love him, marrying Paris represents a real and frightening possibility for Juliet.

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What is Juliet’s answer when asked if she can love Paris?

Lady Capulet describes Paris as virtuous and handsome and suggests Juliet should do her best to like him. Juliet replies, ‘I’ll look to like, if looking liking move/ But no more deep will I endart mine eye/ Than your consent gives it strength to fly.

What evidence from Act V do we have that proves that Paris cared deeply for Juliet?

dew” Juliet’s tomb. The implication here is that he will return every night to visit Juliet’s tomb, and that each night he will “water” the ground near the tomb with his own tears. This emphasizes the grief that Paris feels at this moment, which in turn emphasizes the love that he felt for Juliet.

Is Paris aware of Juliet’s true feelings for him?

Is Paris aware of her true feelings for him? No because he seems happy and calls her ‘love’ and such. … Juliet will tell her parents she will marry Paris.

Why does Paris think Romeo is responsible for Juliet’s death?

Explain Paris’ logic in thinking that Romeo is responsible for Juliet killing herself? Paris believes that Juliet has died due to grieve of Tybalt and he has Romeo to blame because he was the one that killed Tybalt.

What does Paris say about this decision?

Paris specifically tells Friar Lawrence, “Now, sir, her father counts it dangerous / That she do give her sorrow so much sway, / And in his wisdom hastes our marriage / To stop the inundation of her tears—” (Shakespeare, 4.1.

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What does Juliet’s answer to her mother when asked if she can love Paris reveal about her knowledge of being in love?

She does not think love is necessary for marriage. Explain Juliet’s answer to her mother when asked if she can ever love Paris. What does it reveal about her knowledge of being in love. She will look to see if she can like him.

When Juliet responds to her mother’s proposal about Paris does Juliet seem naively obedient or wise?

Juliet seems to be obedient. She does not question anything, and just goes with the flow. What are three different views of love presented in scene 3?

How old is Juliet?

A 13-year-old girl, Juliet is the only daughter of the patriarch of the House of Capulet. She falls in love with the male protagonist Romeo, a member of the House of Montague, with which the Capulets have a blood feud. The story has a long history that precedes Shakespeare himself.

What does Paris think is the reason Juliet won’t admit she loves him in Scene 1?

What does Paris think is the reason Juliet won’t admit she loves him in Scene 1? She is being modest because they aren’t married yet. … He believes Juliet will commit suicide rather than marry Paris. He wants to avoid having Juliet married to two men at the same time.

Who first killed Juliet?

Capulet sends the Nurse to go wake Juliet. She finds Juliet dead and begins to wail, soon joined by both Lady Capulet and Capulet. Paris arrives with Friar Lawrence and a group of musicians for the wedding.

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Is Paris Honourable in Romeo and Juliet?

County Paris is a nobleman in Verona and is portrayed as an honorable aristocrat, who seems like a good match for Juliet. Paris is related to Prince Escalus and Mercutio and hopes to win Juliet’s heart throughout the play.

What is Paris relationship to Juliet?

Arranged Marriage

In Romeo and Juliet, Paris is the man that Lord and Lady Capulet want Juliet to marry. He is a count and is related to Escalus, the Prince of Verona. We are first introduced to Paris in Act I, Scene 2 when he asks Lord Capulet if he can marry Juliet, even though she is not fourteen yet.

How does Juliet handle Paris?

The audience, of course, also knows the situation. In Act III, Scene 5, Lord Capulet agrees to marry Juliet to Count Paris. Capulet is unaware that his daughter has secretly married Romeo. … Paris, not knowing her true feelings, calls her his “wife” and his “love.”

How does Paris act toward Juliet?

Paris’s behavior toward Juliet demonstrates that he is ready and willing to marry her the following Thursday. He addresses her as “my lady and my wife,” and “love.” He asks her not to deny that she loves him (which, of course, she does not) and seems excited about the prospect of marriage.